“Finding my ‘happy ever after’ in Andy my amazing fiancé- was the biggest turning point in my life. It was through our journey together that I really defined myself and in turn, founded Kookii B”.

About Kookii B

A resortwear brand encapsulating the feminine, effortless-chic and Bohemian luxe style of island living. Designed for the luxe traveller; relaxed separates and one-pieces adopt a neutral colour palette embracing raw beauty and understated elegance. The line of minimalist jewels are inspired by wanderlust and everyday wearable little luxuries features icons of stars, arrows and raw gemstones evoking the brand's message - to love, inspire & explore.

With a multicultural upbringing and a background in lingerie and jewellery design, the designer set about to create a label that embodies ‘The Luxe Traveller’ of modern society. Each product is infused with elements of intimate details, sheer panelling and transitional jewellery pieces, using fine silks, lace and cottons, and linen finished with a special touch of an embroidered or engraved message, usually an inspiring mantra.

The current range of classic jewels are 14K gold-filled featuring gold vermeil charms and gemstones. Ranges offer simple pieces for everyday wear, heroines for a coveted layered look and natural beauties featuring semi-precious gemstones and beads. The handcrafted nature of our products using premium materials offer you longer lasting sentimental pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

The new Kookii B jewellery collection comprises of bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings with feminine organic shapes are hand carved with floor tile patterns, hidden messages and personal engraving offering keepsakes reminiscent of your past adventures. ( Launching late November 2016)

For jewels in 14K Gold, White Gold and Diamonds, stay tuned for our bridal collection.

Christina relocated to Hong Kong from England, where tropical destinations are closer to home and island-hopping has become a regular source of inspiration. You can follow her personal journey on Instagram: @christina.wan.

Love, Inspire & Explore. 

Christina, Founder & Designer

Apologies to those expecting Kookii B Resortwear. It will be launching for 2017.